Fencing, Gates & Trellising

Whether you are looking to replace a weather beaten fence with a more sturdy & resilient alternative or add some eye catching screening, Anston Landscapes can advise on the best solution.

For secure perimeters to help protect your property (and stop the dog escaping!) we recommend using concrete posts, gravel boards and feather edge close board panels. Lifting the panel away from the ground with concrete gravel boards help extend the lifespan of the fence by reducing contact with damp surfaces.

Available in different heights, the panels fit snugly within the concrete posts helping to prevent them rocking loose during high winds.

Alastair Wilkinson, Owner, Anston Landscapes

All of the timber we use is pre-treated and can be left it’s natural colour or stained to suit.

In addition to panels, Anston Landscapes also installs feather edge boards, individually attaching them securely to a solid framework. This method offers a more customisable finish which can be completed with decorative capping resulting in a neat, professional boundary.

Adding a gate, whether in the same timber finish, ironwork or perhaps reusing an existing gate can all be done at the same time.

If you are looking for a more decorative solution to your fencing needs or would like to add trellising or attractive screening to an area of your garden, Anston Landscapes can advise you on the selection of the most suitable options.

For larger areas, we also offer post and rail fencing to meet specific requirements. Please get in touch to arrange a home visit, with no obligation, here

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